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Women Wednesdays is a grassroots initiative to grow the ranks and influence of women in collaborative coworking communities.
Barbara Wescott

Barbara Wescott


Barbara Wescott is a woman on a mission. As CEO and Founder of Swellcoin, and Co-Founder of Women Wednesdays, Barbara is living the Lean In philosophy to create technologies that improve economic opportunity for everyday people. Barbara’s company, Swellcoin, is a new type of buy-local cashback platform designed to restore and increase small/local business spending; keeping more jobs, money and prosperity in communities. With Women Wednesdays, her mission is to “Grow and Share the Talents of Women in Spaces and Places” by increasing participation of women in places of opportunity.

Prior to these endeavors, Barbara excelled in the vacation rental / real estate industry. In earlier years, Barbara worked for the National Security Program at the Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and in electronic intelligence collection/analysis for the United States Air Force.  Barbara is particularly honored to have served as an ambassador for the American Field Service in Sri Lanka, a program for the betterment of relations worldwide.

Barbara is a Maine native, wife and proud mother of two, who has made Tallahassee, Florida her home for over 25 years.

Pamela Moss

Pamela Moss

Pamela Moss is an entrepreneur passionate about helping others build and grow their businesses. Pamela’s company, Bramazing, has a bra-in-development that will revolutionize the industry. Working with Women Wednesdays provides her the opportunity to share the journey with like-minded individuals.
Pamela is a computer scientist and experienced information technology project manager. She has worked in the financial, government, and not-for-profit sectors. Her quest to improve lives using her talents has taken her in exciting directions. She founded Bramazing in 2010 as a custom-fit bra business. While helping women find their perfect bra, she recognized improvement opportunities with current designs. The Bramazing bra will take a good design and make it a Bra-Amazing one.
Pamela is an Alabama native, wife and loving mother of two. She has made Crawfordville, Florida her home for 18 years.

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